Prctr : Online Exam Invigilation


Here are some of the more frequent questions that we get asked at Prctr HQ.

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We are a live online invigilation company, offering one-to-one exam proctoring. We have a team of diligent yet friendly exam proctors, ready to welcome your candidates and monitor them during the exam process.

Our head office is in Liverpool, UK, but all exams are online and we offer 24-hour scheduling, so we can provide our services to you wherever you are in the world!

We offer live 1-1 invigilation for online exams, and we provide a bespoke setup to meet your individual needs. We offer monitoring via camera, audio, screen share and browser tracking. Candidates can also book exam appointment slots for any date and time, as is convenient.

Proctoring exams is the same as invigilating and means ‘to monitor test-takers during their examination’, this is necessary to ensure everything runs smoothly and misconduct is prevented.

Online exams allow the test-taker to complete their examination remotely, without the need to travel to a test centre; online invigilation is monitoring these exams.
At we offer live online proctoring services for your test-takers – one-to-one monitoring via Zoom.

Your candidate will be met in a private Zoom call by their invigilator, who will greet them, explain the rules, and monitor them whilst they are sitting their examination. An exam report and footage will then be uploaded to secure cloud storage for your company.

The proctor is there to meet and greet your test-taker, read the rules and regulations of the examination, record the webcam, screen share and audio files. They will manually monitor the test-taker for the duration of the exam and respond to any issues, such as helping with tech problems and pulling candidates up on any behaviour that is against the rules.

Test-takers are monitored by remote online software and a dedicated invigilator. Exams are recorded via webcam, screen share functionality and audio file, and we can additionally track keystrokes and browser activity.
Footage is reviewed by our team to ensure consistent quality and investigate any issues.
All footage is also uploaded to your secure cloud storage for your own reference and monitoring.

Yes, we can record both audio and video footage, including screen sharing and candidates’ facing camera. All footage is stored securely.

Yes, if you choose for us to monitor and record exams using screen share functionality. This is something you can request as part of the onboarding process, but it can be disabled if you don’t require it.

The test-taker does not need anything other than their laptop / desktop PC with webcam and audio function. If you allow your test-takers to use a tablet, we can accommodate this but would also need them to have an Android or iPhone device.
We use Zoom to host online exams, so the candidate will need to install this, but this is a straightforward process.

You can find our pricing information here.
Our prices start from as little a £5.50 per exam sitting.

No – there is no time limit or contract when purchasing a ‘pack’ of exams and they do not need to all be scheduled at the same time. Each candidate can schedule their own exam.

Come and talk to us! Complete one of the contact forms on the website or schedule a call.
We will take on board your requirements and ask you to complete an introductory questionnaire. We pride ourselves on our fast turn-around and can have you live within 48hrs.