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1-1 Online Exam Proctoring Service, with Camera, Screen Share, Audio and Browser Tracking From Just £5.50 Per Exam

What is Proctoring?

Proctoring exams is the same as invigilating and means ‘to monitor test-takers during their examination’. This can be in-person or online.

There has been a surge in demand for online proctor services due to the Covid-19 pandemic when meeting rooms and classrooms have been inaccessible. Proctored online exams allow the test-taker to complete their examination remotely, without the need to travel to a test centre.

As we slowly start to move out of these testing times, companies and institutes will be evaluating their exam processes. Will they bring back classroom examinations and the ‘old school’ invigilation role, or will the convenience and flexibility of online proctoring mean it continues to grow in popularity?

What does offer?

Here at, we offer a live, online, proctor exam solution. We try to mirror what an in-person exam setting would be like by using a real invigilator/proctor. Unlike with subsequent/recorded proctoring (where footage is automatically recorded and then checked afterwards), this means that any issues – whether relating to misconduct or technical difficulties – can be responded to immediately. It also provides a more personal and welcoming experience for candidates as they will be greeted, and have the exam rules explained to them, by a real person.

We run all our sessions on a 1-1 basis, this allows the invigilator to focus solely on one test-taker, which gives them the best opportunity to intervene should anything be untoward during the exam. Live invigilators can also help candidates to resolve any tech issues that may arise, and this is ideal if any candidates are less confident with technology. Live 1-1 proctoring helps the exam run smoothly, with no risk of disruption to other candidates if there are any issues. uses Zoom and monitors the candidate’s facing camera (webcam), the screen view and audio; we can also track keystrokes and browser activity for additional security against misconduct. Our invigilators also carry out live ID checks via webcam. Once the exam is finished, Prctr will upload the audio and video footage, chat logs, browser tracking data and exam report onto the institute’s dedicated cloud storage. Regular checks are carried out to ensure the invigilation service is of consistently high quality.

Whether you have a central administrator or prefer candidates to schedule their own exam appointments, we can adapt our booking system to suit you and can set up a unique calendar for your test-takers. We offer 24/7 exam availability for maximum convenience and flexibility.

We know that every organisation will have its own unique requirements, so we offer a fully bespoke setup – we learn about your individual needs during the on-boarding process. We can customise all aspects of the service, including individual scripts for different exams and personalised welcome emails.

If we can provide any assistance at then please do not hesitate to reach out and chat about your requirements.

Our simple pricing model is available to view ‘here’