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We offer a fully bespoke online proctoring service to meet your examination needs. Our services include 24/7 availability and personalised booking calendars, making it convenient and fully flexible.

We provide one-to-one live invigilation via Zoom, to ensure that all candidates are given complete dedication. This means you can be confident that all behaviour is monitored closely to ensure rules are adhered to. This also provides the best experience for test-takers as it has a more personal feel and minimises disruption – no need to have your exam delayed because another candidate has connection problems!

Our service involves various methods of monitoring exams, including webcam recording, screensharing, browser tracking and live ID verification. This can be tailored to your individual requirements, which we will discuss during the on-boarding process.

24/7 Exam Availability

Our experienced examiners are available across all time zones.9am in NYC or 9pm in London, no problem!

Live 1-1 Invigilation

All of our exams are invigilated in a LIVE environment and on a 1-1 basis.We prefer not to allocate oneinvigilator to multiple candidates. The 1-1 setup allows for complete personalisation and sole dedication to your test taker.

Screen Share / Reporting

All exams are recorded via webcam and utilise the screensharing function.Once the session is complete, we will upload the footage to your secure online folder along with screenshots of the proctored exam.

Exam Administration

Live ‘on demand’ proctor exams. Our exams are always 1-1 with your test taker for complete dedication.

ID Verification

Our proctor exams are available all day, every day, 365 days a year. No matter where you arein the world we have availability.

Browser Tracking Report

Should you wish for a little more security, we can also monitor all browser activity and tracking.We will provide a ‘browser report’ and upload to your test taker’s secure folder along with the session recording.

our pricing

50 Exams

£8.50 per exam

250 Exams

£7.50 per exam

500 Exams

£6.50 per exam

1000 Exams

£5.50 per exam

Exam set up administration from £2.50 per exam

Contact Information

Suite 136
Imperial Court
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Liverpool L2 3AB
United Kingdom


UK +44 151 558 0826


UK +44 151 558 0826